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AGM 2015

Genetics Society


Friday 17th April, Roslin Institute, Edinburgh


1. Minutes of the previous General Meeting (Friday 4 April 2014); matters arising
2. President's Report

3. Honorary Treasurer's Report
4. Honorary Secretary's Report and Business for Transaction

     a)  Genetics Society Medal 2016: Ottoline Leyser (Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK)
     b)  The Mary Lyon Medal 2016: Duncan Odom (CRUK Cambridge Institute, UK)
     c)  Balfour Lecture 2016, Felicity Jones (Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society,
     d)  JBS Haldane Lecture 2016: Aoife McLysaght (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
     e)  The Sir Kenneth Mather Prize - 2013: Laura Corbin (University of Edinburgh, UK); 2014: Tom Booker
          (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Applications for new membership

f)  Election of new members
     g) Election of new Executive sub-Committee officers
          i. Vice-President, Public Understanding of Genetics
         ii. Postgraduate Representative
     h) Election of new ordinary Committee members
         i. Area A (Gene structure, function and regulation)
         ii. Area B (Genomics)
         iii. Area C (Cell and developmental genetics)
         iv. Area D (Applied and quantitative genetics)
         v. Area F (Corporate genetics and biotechnology)

5. AOB

Item 4 (f) Election of new members
Please refer to the proposed list of new members posted on the Genetics Society website: URL to follow.
If you have any specific and serious objections to the election of any of the NEW members being proposed for membership, then you should contact the Society's President Enrico Coen (enrico.coen@jic.ac.uk) directly and without delay.

Item 4 (g, h) Committee and Executive sub-Committee ballots
The Society's Committee has proposed the following nominations for Committee and Exec sub-Committee positions that fall vacant in April 2015. All members of the Genetics Society in good standing are eligible to nominate individuals to these posts. Posts are normally held for four years, unless otherwise indicated. Information about individual nominees can be found at: URL to follow.

Item 4 (g) Executive sub-Committee ballot

1. Alison Woollard (University of Oxford): Vice-President, Public Understanding of Genetics, to replace Chris Smith. Proposer: Malcolm Logan; Seconder: Tanya Whitfield.

2. Lynsey Hall (University of Edinburgh): Postgraduate Representative, to replace Kay Boulton. Proposer: Kay Boulton; Seconder: Chris Hayley.

Item 4 (h) Committee ballot

3. Douglas Vernimmen (The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh):
Committee member Area 'A' (Gene Structure, function and regulation), to replace Colum Walsh. Proposer: Wendy Bickmore; Seconder: Kay Boulton.

4. Michael Simpson (King's College London): Committee member Area 'B' (Genomics), to replace Jane Rogers. Proposer: Rebecca Oakey; Seconder: Malcolm Logan.

5. Marika Charalambous (Queen Mary University of London):
Committee member Area 'C' (Cell and developmental genetics), to replace Ian Henderson. Proposer: Rebecca Oakey; Seconder: Colum Walsh.

6. Kay Boulton (University of Edinburgh): Committee member Area 'D' (Applied and quantitative genetics) to replace Jon Slate. Proposer: whole committee.

7. Jim Huggett (LGC): Committee member Area 'F' (Corporate genetics and biotechnology), to complete Dominique Kleyn's term. Proposer: Martin Taylor; Seconder: DJ de Koning.

Tanya Whitfield
Honorary Secretary
The Genetics Society