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Minutes of the Genetic Society Annual General Meeting 2009

Meeting held at the Royal Society, London on Friday 8th May 2009

Fifty members of the Society, including the President and twelve other members of the Committee attended the meeting. In addition, 107 members had registered email votes in advance, including eight attending the meeting in person who were not allowed to vote again. Because members voting in advance by email are deemed to contribute to the quorum, there were therefore email votes or attendance at the meeting to total 149 members, and the meeting was declared to be quorate.

Agenda items

1. President Brian Charlesworth opened the AGM by welcoming Society members to the 2009 AGM. The minutes of the previous year’s AGM (Saturday 10th May 2008), which had been made available on the Society’s web site, were agreed by those present to be an accurate record of proceedings and were duly signed by the President.

2. President Brian Charlesworth reported that the Society was in good health and that this would be the last meeting in which he would be serving as President. He indicated that he was leaving the Society in the capable hands of President-elect Veronica van Heyningen.

3. Honorary Treasurer Josephine Pemberton summarized the financial position of the Society. She indicated that although these were troubled financial times, the Society’s finances remained healthy. She reported that the two journals associated with the Society, Heredity and Genes & Development, had contributed significantly to the financial benefit of the Society over the past year. Moreover, the impact factor of the journal Heredity had increased substantially. She further reported that the Society was planning to increase the level of funding for its grant schemes, which were proving to be very popular with members of the Society.

4. Honorary Secretary Patricia Kuwabara announced that (a) Andrew Jackson (MRC – HGU) had been elected as the 2010 Balfour lecturer, and that (b) Laurence Hurst (Bath) would be the recipient of the Genetics Society Medal. She then explained the rationale for voting on the admission of new members to the Society and of new members to the Committee.

4(c) A list of 100 people proposed for membership to the Society had been posted on the Society web site, circulated by email to members and distributed in hard copy at the AGM. No objections were raised to prevent the admission of any of these individuals to the Society; on a show of hands there were 37 votes were cast in favour to add to the 107 cast by email, with no votes against. These 100 individuals were therefore elected to the membership of the Society.

4(d) The new Committee members: Area A (Gene Structure, function and regulation) Anne Donaldson to replace Hilary Ashe; Area B (Genomics) Chris Ponting to replace Ewan Birney; Area C (Cell and Developmental Genetics) Julian Lewis to replace Tanya Whitfield and Area D (Applied and quantitative genetics) DJ Hosken to replace Alison Dunn, as proposed by the current Committee were supported by 37 votes cast at the AGM, and by 107 votes cast by email, with no votes against. Thus, the new Committee members were duly elected to join the Society’s Committee.

5.  Under Any Other Business, the President thanked the outgoing Committee members on the Society’s behalf for their contribution to the Society’s work. The President then proposed that Mary Lyon be nominated to become an Honorary member of the Society, and Committee members Anne Ferguson-Smith and Steve Russell supported the nomination. The Society members present (41) unanimously supported this proposal by a show of hands and the motion was passed.