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Past Conferences and Workshops > Communicating Your Science: A Genetics Society Workshop

Communicating Your Science: A Genetics Society Workshop

23—25 April 2014

Chicheley Hall

Science Programme
Feedback from 2013 Workshop
General Information

Applications for the workshop are now closed.

The course is open to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers working in genetics and related areas. 
Note: We will email your supervisor for a reference using the email you have provided and also email you on the progress of your application. 

An important part of science is getting your results and ideas across to others, through papers, presentations, theses, grant proposals, conversations and interviews. Your audience may include specialists in the field, those from other disciplines, industry, or the general public. 
How can you best communicate your science?

This workshop brings together experts in different fields - writers, broadcasters, publishers, industrialists, computer scientists, and presenters - to help you explore and develop your communication skills.  Working together with others on the course you will learn how to structure presentations, develop writing skills, bridge disciplines and have hands-on experience of broadcasting.
The Genetics Society will cover travel, accommodation and meals for successful applicants. 

Tutors include:
Enrico Coen (author and Professor of Genetics at the John Innes 
Centre, Norwich)
Nicola McCarthy (Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Cancer)
Mark Miodownik (author, broadcaster and Professor of Materials 
& Society, UCL)
Tim Radford (freelance journalist and former science editor at  
The Guardian)
Chris Smith (broadcaster, medical doctor, lecturer in Virology, 
Cambridge University)

Enrico Coen, Dominique Kleyn, Jonathan Pettitt, Jon Slate and Chris Smith
The course is open to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers working in genetics and related areas. 20 places are available for this course.

Deadline for applications – 3rd March 2014.  

Please note, the Workshop will start at lunch time on 23 April and will finish at lunch time on 25 April.

The course will take place at Chicheley Hall (http://www.chicheleyhall.co.uk/)

Comments from the 2013 Workshop
"I had an absolutely fantastic time at the workshop!"
Alberto Lapedriza

"That workshop was definitely the best workshop I had attended and I would love to come again and again if only I wouldn't be taking a place away from other people. Not only you learn a lot, you also meet wonderful people who are sharing the enthusiasm about science and talking about it."
Karolina Mirowska

Participants of the 2014 Communicating Science Workshop


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