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General Information

GARNet is a BBSRC sponsored network that aims to make sure the UK Arabidopsis and wider plant research community remains competitive and productive at the national and international level by helping researchers make the best use of available funding, tools and resources. GARNet represents UK Arabidopsis researchers via a committee of elected members.

GARNet acts as information hub for the community via its newslettermailing list and provides a point of contact for researchers and funding agencies. Working with other groups, GARNet helps to promote interactions between fundamental and applied plant sciences. GARNet also works to increase opportunities for UK Arabidopsis scientists at the international level.

GARNet is a member organisation of the UK Plant Sciences Federation, a group that brings together the UK plant science community to create a coordinated approach to research, industry, education and outreach.

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Contact Geraint Parry, Cardiff University, for more information about GARNet.



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