Balfour Lecture

The Balfour Lecture, named after the Genetics Society’s first President, is an award to mark the contributions to genetics of an outstanding young investigator. The Balfour Lecturer is elected by the Society’s Committee on the basis of nominations made by any individual member of the Society. The only conditions are that the recipient of the award must normally have less than 10 years’ postdoctoral research experience at the time of nomination, and that any nomination must be made with the consent of the nominee. Those making nominations must be members of the Genetics Society, but there is no requirement for the nominee to be a member, nor is there any restriction on nationality or residence.

Nominations are now being invited for the 2021 Balfour Lecturer; the Lecture is normally delivered at the Society’s annual spring meeting. Note that there is no restriction on the subject matter of the Balfour Lecture. To make a nomination, please confirm that your candidate is willing to be nominated, then forward a two-page CV of the candidate, together with a list of his or her ten most important publications, plus a one-page letter of recommendation outlining why you feel their contributions to the field have been outstanding. These documents must be submitted electronically to the Honorary Secretary of the Society, Jonathan Pettitt by Friday 24th April 2020.

Please note, the Genetics Society does not accept self-nominations.

Balfour Lecturers
2020 Dr S Flanagan
2019 Dr S Johnston
2018 Dr L Alexandrov
2017 Dr A Wood
2016 Dr F Jones
2015 Dr B Lehner
2014 Dr E Murchison
2013 Dr S Myers
2012 Dr Ö Carlborg
2011 Dr M Madan Babu
2010 Dr Andrew P Jackson
2009 Dr M Hurles
2008 Dr D Presgraves
2007 Dr M Tsiantis
2006 Dr O Voinnet
2005 Dr M de Bono
2004 Dr G A T McVean
2003 Dr F Uhlmann
2002 Dr A Eyre-Walker
2001 Dr SJ Leevers
2000 Dr D Bradley
1999 Dr D Monckton
1998 Dr C Stirling
1997 Dr WA Bickmore
1996 Dr RC Allshire
1995 Dr RD St Johnston
1994 Dr JA Todd
1993 Dr NH Barton
1992 Dr WRA Brown
1991 Dr PW Ingham
1990 Dr P Eggleston
1989 Dr IJ Jackson
1988 Dr ES Coen