Committee Members

The role of the Committee is defined in the Genetics Society Constitution. Each Committee member is a representative of a major field of genetics.

Genetics society comittee members 2019/2020


Professor Laurence D Hurst (2021)

Honorary Treasurer

Professor Martin Taylor (2020)

T: @mst_paralogue

Honorary Secretary

Dr Jonathan Pettitt (2020)

T: @genotripe

Vice-President, External Relations

Professor Colum Walsh (2020)

Vice-President, Public Understanding of Genetics

Professor Alison Woollard (2021)

T: @alisonwoollard

Vice-President, Corporate Affairs

Professor Malcolm Logan (2020)

Policy Officer

Professor Rebecca Oakey (2022)

T: @rjoakey2012

Website Editor

Dr Kay Boulton (2021)

Newsletter Editor

Dr Lynsey Hall (2021)

T: @LS_Hall

Scientific Meetings Secretary

Dr Marika Charalambous (2021)

Postgraduate Representative

Helena Wells (2020)

T: @Helenarosewells

Heredity Editor-in-chief

Professor Barbara Mable (2020)

Applied and Quantitative Genetics

Dr Lindsey Leach (2023)

T: @LindseyJLeach

Evolutionary, Ecological and Population Genetics

Professor Jason Wolf (2022)

T: @deltazbar

Corporate Genetics and Biotechnology

Dr Alison Bentley (2022)

T: @AlisonRBentley

Gene structure, function and regulation

Professor Aziz Aboobaker (2021)

T: @AzizAboobaker


Dr Sudhakaran Prabakaran (2020)

Cell and developmental genetics

Professor Stefan Hoppler (2021)

Applied and quantitative genetics

Professor Alastair Wilson (2021)

T: @ali__wilson

Evolutionary, ecological and population genetics

Dr Frank Hailer (2020)

T: @O_o_Frank

Corporate genetics and biotechnology

Dr Jim Huggett (2020)

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