Committee Members

The role of the Committee is defined in the Genetics Society Constitution. Each Committee member is a representative of a major field of genetics.

Genetics society comittee members 2019/2020


Professor Laurence D Hurst (2021)

Honorary Treasurer

Professor Martin Taylor (2020)

T: @mst_paralogue

Honorary Secretary

Dr Jonathan Pettitt (2020)

T: @genotripe

Vice-President, External Relations

Professor Colum Walsh (2020)

Vice-President, Public Understanding of Genetics

Professor Alison Woollard (2021)

T: @alisonwoollard

Vice-President, Corporate Affairs

Professor Malcolm Logan (2020)

Policy Officer

Professor Rebecca Oakey (2022)

T: @rjoakey2012

Website Editor

Dr Kay Boulton (2021)

Newsletter Editor

Dr Lynsey Hall (2021)

T: @LS_Hall

Scientific Meetings Secretary

Dr Marika Charalambous (2021)

Postgraduate Representative

Helena Wells (2020)

T: @Helenarosewells

Shadow Postgraduate Representative

Emily Baker (2022)

T: @@EmAnnaBaker

Heredity Editor-in-chief

Professor Barbara Mable (2022)

Applied and Quantitative Genetics

Dr Lindsey Leach (2023)

T: @LindseyJLeach

Evolutionary, Ecological and Population Genetics

Professor Jason Wolf (2022)

T: @deltazbar

Corporate Genetics and Biotechnology

Dr Alison Bentley (2022)

T: @AlisonRBentley

Gene structure, function and regulation

Professor Aziz Aboobaker (2021)

T: @AzizAboobaker

Gene Structure, Function and Regulation

Dr. Michelle Holland (2023)

Shadow Honorary Treasurer

Dr Sudhakaran Prabakaran (2024)

Cell and developmental genetics

Professor Stefan Hoppler (2021)

Applied and quantitative genetics

Professor Alastair Wilson (2021)

T: @ali__wilson

Evolutionary, ecological and population genetics

Dr Frank Hailer (2020)

T: @O_o_Frank

Corporate genetics and biotechnology

Dr Jim Huggett (2020)

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