Genetics Unzipped

017 Happy 100th Birthday to Us

In this episode we’re celebrating the actual birthday of the society – founded on the 25th June, 100 years ago – with past president, Nobel laureate and winner of the Genetics Society’s first centenary medal, Sir Paul Nurse.

016 Genetics by Numbers

In this episode from our centenary series exploring 100 ideas in genetics, we’re unravelling the story of the double helix, cracking the triplet code, and sketching out a Punnett square.




015 Up the Garden path

In this episode we’re diving into the valley of hybridisation, visiting the Society’s medal-winning Mendel-based garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Plus, the importance of playing with your genes.




014 The Seeds of a great Idea

In this episode from our series exploring 100 ideas in genetics, we’re taking the train to London with William Bateson, seeking the secrets of snapdragons, and unravelling the next generation of DNA sequencing technology.




013 The Zero Dollar Genome

Dr. Kat Arney talks to George Church about his plans for the ‘Zero Dollar Genome’, and finds out how one scientist’s interest in personal genomics got a little too close to home.




012 Strands of Life

In this episode from our series exploring 100 ideas in genetics, we explore the discovery of chromosomes – the strands of genetic material within every living cell – take a look at Lyonisation, and solve the case of the missing chromosomes.




011 Darwin Vs. Mendel

What would have happened if Darwin had read Mendel?  And what if they’d been on Twitter?  Plus, something else that Darwin would have loved – an ambitious project to sequence the DNA of everything across the tree of life.




010 Not “just the wife” – the overlooked stories of women in genetics

In every other episode of Genetics Unzipped, we’re celebrating the Genetics Society’s centenary year by exploring some of the top 100 ideas in genetics. This time it’s the stories of four women who have often been overlooked in the history of 20th century genetics: Esther Lederberg, Harriet Creighton, Tsuneko Okazaki and Martha Chase.



009_Chimps, cancer genes and missing kids

In this episode we bring you a very special interview with Mary-Claire King – one of the world’s leading geneticists, whose work has spanned everything from comparing chimps and humans to finding the first breast cancer gene to reuniting families that have been torn apart.




008_Getting ready for genomic medicine

This special episode is brought to you in association with the Genomics Education programme – part of Health Education England.  We’ll be finding out how genomic medicine is coming into the NHS, and what it means for everyone working in the health service.




007_Supermodels of science

In this episode from our series exploring 100 ideas in genetics, we’re entering the glamorous world of modelling, meeting the supermodels… of science. We’re taking a look at some of the field’s top models – the eclectic collection of organisms that have been put to work in the lab to reveal the secrets of biology.




006_Big fat failure

In this episode we’re looking at the genetics of failure – we talk to Dr Giles Yeo about why we fail to lose weight thanks to our genes, and why ignoring genetic information and DNA diversity leads to billions of dollars being wasted on drugs that don’t work.





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