Genes & Development Summer Studentships

Purpose: to support vacation research by undergraduate geneticists.

Grants are available to provide financial support for undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience in any area of genetics by carrying out a research project over the long vacation, usually prior to their final year.

Undergraduate students who wish to do vacation research projects are encouraged to seek a PI to sponsor them and to develop a project application with the sponsor.

Qualifying criteria:

  • Applications must be made by Principal Investigators (PI) at Universities or Research Institutes.
  • Please note that only one application per lab group / per applicant may be submitted.
  • The application must be for a named student and is not transferable.
  • Studentships will only be awarded to students who have yet to complete their first degree i.e. those who will still be undergraduates during the long vacation when the studentship is undertaken.
  • Both the PI and the student concerned must be members of the Genetics Society.
  • There are no restrictions concerning the nationality of the student, and the student does not have to attend a UK university, nor does the studentship need to take place within the UK.
  • Upon acceptance of the award, students must agree to take part in a summer school.
    • Travel to the summer school within the UK will be reimbursed.
    • Transport, accommodation and meals will be included.

How to apply:

There is one closing date of  5pm on 31st March each year.

Apply now for a Summer Studentship Award!

Once you have logged in to the mySociety membership portal, please select “Me and the GS” followed by “Grants” from the options at the top of the page, and then choose the Summer Studentship award.

The studentship will consist of an award of £200 per week for up to 8 weeks to the student plus a grant of up to £750 to cover expenses incurred by the host laboratory: lab expenses must be justified. The project should be realistic and achievable by a student in this time frame: attention should be paid to student training needs in the application. The award will be made to the host institution.

The student will be invited to attend a workshop that will take place in Edinburgh at the end of August 2019, providing an opportunity for all students to get together, discuss their findings, make new friends and start to develop their professional contact network.

2018 Summer Studentship workshop Gallery.   Leicester University Student Blog by 2018 attendee Bethan.

Participants and tutors at the 2017 Summer Studentship workshop – Photograph: Douglas Vernimmen

Photos and feedback from Summer Studentship workshop 2016.

Photos and feedback from Summer Studentship workshop 2013.

“Mixing with other young budding scientists and having to explain your work and think about other people’s was a great experience.  It reinvigorated my enthusiasm for my own project and science in general.  It was also good fun and the group activities worked well.  Being thrown into a social context with so many new people to meet after many lonely weeks in the lab was a welcome change.  It was also a great opportunity for talking to experienced scientists in a casual setting which was valuable and interesting”. 
Barney Walker

A panel from the Genetics Society committee will review applications including both information on the student and the proposed project. Feedback on unsuccessful applications will not be provided.

Other conditions:

  • Recipients cannot hold these awards in conjunction with other summer studentships, i.e. it cannot be used to part-fund a project.
  • Students of these grants will be asked to write a short report (around 800 words) within two months of completion of the project that may be included in the newsletter.
  • Students are expected to attend a workshop at the end of August, where they will report on their project and participate in group activities.

The Genetics Society Summer Studentship grants are funded by income from the journal Genes and Development