The Genetics Society was founded as the Genetical Society on 25th June 1919 by William Bateson FRS, ably abetted by Miss Edith Rebecca Saunders, Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Society Presidents

1919-1930 The Right Hon. The Earl of Balfour FRS
1930-1932 Professor RC Punnett FRS
1932-1936 Professor JBS Haldane FRS
1936-1938 Miss Edith Rebecca Saunders FRHS
1938-1940 Professor FAE Crew FRS
1940-1943 Professor Sir Ronald Fisher FRS
1943-1946 Professor CD Darlington FRS
1946-1949 Professor EB Ford FRS
1949-1952 Professor Sir Kenneth Mather FRS
1952-1955 Professor SC Harland FRS
1955-1958 Professor LS Penrose FRS
1958-1961 Professor CH Waddington FRS
1961-1964 Professor DG Catcheside FRS
1964-1966 Professor G Pontecorvo FRS
1966-1968 Professor Charlotte Auerbach FRS
1968-1971 Professor D Lewis FRS
1971-1973 Professor W Hayes FRS
1973-1975 Professor R Riley FRS
1975-1978 Professor JM Thoday FRS
1978-1981 Professor JRS Fincham FRS
1981-1984 Professor J Jinks FRS
1984-1987 Professor Sir DA Hopwood FRS
1987-1990 Professor NE Murray FRS
1990-1994 Professor PM Nurse FRS
1994-1997 Professor DJ Sherrat FRS
1997-2000 Professor M Ashburner FRS
2000-2003 Professor L Partridge FRS
2003-2006 Professor J A Hodgkin FRS
2006-2009 Professor B Charlesworth FRS
2009-2012 Professor V van Heyningen FRS
2012-2015 Professor ES Cohen FRS
2015-2018 Professor Wendy Bickmore FRS
2018-2021 Professor Laurence Hurst FRS